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Wedding Photobooth

The pictures from our homemade wedding photo booth are at the following link for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone for making it a ton of fun! Jared

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Jared & Cheri Griswald

We hung lights on the house today and put up a tree in the living room to cap off the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a good excuse to play on the roof and show up the neighbor with his … Continue reading

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Happy Snaps

To follow up on the educational posts, I want to wrap up the Nepal series with an album of some entertaining things we saw along the way, and a self portrait (I didn’t carry a tripod all that way for … Continue reading

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People of Nepal

The parts of the country that we saw were incredibly inhabited.  Rugged expanses of mountainous terrain with no infrastructure, other than a foot trail, seemed to be full of villages and agriculture.  In the U.S. areas this remote would be … Continue reading

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Landscapes of Nepal

Greetings from married life! This will be the first post of a series sharing the images and experiences of our honeymoon in Nepal.  Mostly because I took about a thousand pictures and will need to break up the uploading.  Strap … Continue reading

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Over the Pass

Just a quick note that we have made it through the trek and back to relative civilization. Twelve days of great views and great hiking with floor-level toilets to boot. Super romantic. We are in Jomsom now and will fly … Continue reading

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