Wedding Recap

Before we depart for Ohio tomorrow to start the holiday season, I wanted to close out the Fall blogging with the story of our wedding for posterity and those who were not able to attend.

The day started out two days before. The parents arrived to help us set up and I’m sure they had no idea what they were getting into. Cheri and I are DIY’ers and just too cheap to spring for one of those “turn key” wedding packages where they magically organize everything, or even a venue equipped for a wedding. So I built a cake holder, a slew of chalkboards, hollowed out a log with a chainsaw (unsafe), brewed beer, built a photo booth, designed ceremony programs, and a hundred other things. She set up the caterer, found logs for sawing, built the table settings, rented all the furniture and dishes, drew on the chalkboards, bought lighting and decorations, and a hundred other things. So now all we had to do was set it up. Easy right?

It took every bit of Thursday (in the rain), Friday, and Saturday morning to set up the ceremony and reception venue. Many thanks to Rosemary, Greg S., Dad, Mom, Brent, Chris, Greg W., Kevin, Kelly, Marissa, Tunie, Nicole, Jami, Kari, Jason, and Jenny for helping with setup, tear down and coordination.

The ceremony and reception were held on the grounds of the Steppingstone Museum in Harford County, Maryland, which is a 19th century homestead maintained in 1800’s style by a non-profit for educational outreach.  The biggest cause for stress was the possibility of rain or cold weather, as the whole event was outdoors with no line of indoor retreat.  We were so happy to see that the sun was out and the temperatures mild, if not a bit windy, for the big day!

The officiant and wedding party included some of our close friends and family.  Click here to view the ceremony program with a list of participants.

By all accounts the highlight of the wedding ceremony was the tandem bicycle.  This included the reading of “A Marriage Made For Two”, assembling the bike, and us making our grand exit under pedal power!  Also part of the ceremony was an Irish blessing read by Cheri’s Aunts, Tunie and Arlene, as well as nuggets of marital advise shared by our mother’s.  Joe did and excellent job officiating his first wedding!  I think this could be a good weekend gig for him if he needs to make some extra cash.  We know the windy outdoor setting made it difficult for some in the audience to hear what we were mumbling, so the script is viewable here if you would like to see it.

To kick off the reception we took a queue from German tradition and sawed a log with a two-man saw as a symbol of marital teamwork.  We did not practice for this beforehand because the saw was borrowed from the museum just for that day.  However, with the help of Kari and Bill holding down the log, it went surprisingly well!

My mother donated her artistic skills and painted the “Leaf Your Thumbprint” guestbook.  Thanks Mom, your talent amazes us!

Thanks to Cheri’s cousin RJ for providing the DJ services and orchestrating the Great Scavenger Hunt.  I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

We had a wonderful time visiting with old family and new family, old friends and their new additions, and setting off on a new adventure together.

It was the best day in my life so far.  I call that a success!

Click here to see the full album of wedding photos.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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