Still Here

Apologies for the lapse in posting.  I can assure you lots of post-worthy things have been happening, I’ve just been slacking.  So here’s the rundown:

Memorial Day Graduation

Cheri earned her masters degree last month, so we had our parents in to visit and set up a stop on the Memorial Day barbecue and party circuit.  Everyone came over on sunday evening for dinner and we had a great time visiting with friends and family.  Thanks to Kelly, Shaun, Ali, and Paul for making the drive all the way from the DC area to join us!

Other fun things we did with the parents included dinner at Laurrapin Grill, a margarita cruise on the Skipjack Martha Lewis, climb to the top of the lighthouse, and inspecting our sewer line with a camera snake.  Lots of fun!


Still working on finishing it up.  The new refrigerator was delivered on Monday and works nicely.  What’s left now is a bit of trim work and finishing the pantry cabinetry, which I am building.  I have the frame and one of the four doors complete.  Cutting all the joints with hand saws and chisels takes a little time but is a good skill builder for the furniture pieces I am planning on.


We are gearing up for lots of traveling this summer.  In July we will be in Ohio for 2 weekends (wedding and birthday party), and in Pennsylvania for a weekend mountain biking rendezvous.  In August I will be back to Ohio for a bachelor party,  then back the following weekend for a wedding.    In September we will go to Germany for 10 days to visit Brent and see some sites.  Then back to Ohio for a third wedding in October.

Southwest Airlines loves us!

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