Our White Picket Fence

Now that we are married, Jared has authorized me to become a contributor to his blog.  Exciting stuff!!!  I’ll try not to get too crazy over here!  Looking at the length of this post though, he might be revoking my privileges!

I’ve never been a blogger before, so you’ll have to give me a little slack  in the beginning.  I must say that my friend Anne has gotten me pretty excited about blogging.  I’m now addicted to www.younghouselove.com.  It’s about a couple our age who makes a living blogging about their house renovations.   Doesn’t that sound WAY better than working for The Man?  A pipe dream for now…

Enough on the introductions… let’s get to the reason I’m updating this page!

It was 2008 and the housing market had fallen pretty hard, the bottom we’d hoped.  I decided to make the plunge and buy these two trees.  Oh, AND the house behind it.

The ‘ole Matrix still had all four hubcaps back then… but I digress.  A year later, I called in reinforcements (my mom and Aunt Arlene) to help me tame this yard.  I got my first experience with tree trimming and I had a pretty good time with it for a while.

This is a picture AFTER we spent an entire weekend trimming trees and hedges.

We barely made a dent!  Well, then in February 2011, we had a crazy windstorm that snapped the bradford pear on the left. Luckily no one was hurt and it fell away from the house.  It did destroy parts of the fence though.  There’s the house!!!

We had both trees cut down (no sense in taking any chances) and then we were left with a decision to make about the fence.  All but one section was either rotted or had been destroyed by the fallen tree.  I loved the white picket fence and really wanted to rebuild it.  It’s a symbol of the American dream after all!  Jared agreed, but like everything else in this house, we couldn’t just go buy a matching fence at Home Depot.   So we built one.  We bought pressure treated wood and ripped and cut each one to length.  I cut a point into each and every picket!  It took a LONG time.  Here is Jared with the old table saw (it has since died) on the back porch.  Check out the mound of saw dust!

We had to let the pressure treated wood dry for a few months.  So while we waited we did a few crazy things like got hitched, honeymooned in Nepal, renovated our kitchen, you know… the normal sort of things.  Finally today we decided it was time to paint the fence!  Jared inspected the one side we didn’t have to replace (the side next to the driveway) and straightened all of the posts.  He found one piece he wanted to replace.


He gets excited when he gets to use the nail gun.  Not me, but that’s a different story.  Thanks to Karwacki for letting us use his paint sprayer!

He used a piece of drywall we had lying around to try and contain the excess paint.

Our neighbor Betty and her new dog Hoshima stopped by to say hello.

And now it’s done!  A shiny new white picket fence.  I LOVE IT!

Don’t mind that dead cherry tree in the right side of the yard.  We planted it this spring.  Like a lot of things we do, it takes a couple of times to get it right.  One thing at a time.  One thing.at.a.time.


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Jared likes to: Play Mandolin, Build Stuff, Take Pictures, Ride Bikes
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3 Responses to Our White Picket Fence

  1. Janae says:

    Yay Cheri!! Great first blog! Love the fence too 🙂

  2. Arlene Weeks says:

    Oh Cheri – love the picket fence, the kitchen is amazing but what a bummer about the cherry tree. Wait till fall and try again.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂

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