First Annual OU Mountain Bike Team Reunion

Posted by Cheri

The second weekend in July we drove up to State College and had a blast with Jared’s old mountain bike teammates.  They were seriously so much fun, I’m not sure I stopped laughing the entire weekend.  Well, not counting the the times I fell off my bike.  Turns out the trails near State College are a lot more technical then any of the trails here in MD.  Hello Rocks.  Here’s a picture of the entire group.  Photo credit goes to Bryan Banks.

Maybe all of those Alaskan adventures set the bar for the image that comes to my mind when Jared says “cabin”, but these cabins had running water, full bathrooms, beds with sheets, a stocked kitchen, couches and so much more!  I mean we were living large!  Before we left, I’m pretty sure I told more than one person we were camping that weekend.  What a nice surprise!

We finished out Saturday night with a little go-carting.  Who says you can’t drive with your eyes closed.

Go Cart Fun – Aaron, Toad and Cheri

A more pictorial tour of our weekend has been posted by Bryan here.

We ate like royalty and fun was had by all.  A big shout out to Bryan and Jenn for planning the event.  I can’t wait for the second annual trip!



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