We had a wonderful time in Germany last week.  Lots of time hanging out and catching up with Brent and ragging on him for his asylum-like apartment decor!

After de-jetlagging for the first day, we rented bikes which would be our transportation for seeing the sites of Berlin.  Brent showed us his favorite city spots:  an abandoned airport turned greenspace, impressive building-size artwork along the river Spree, and the Ritter Sport Chocolate Store.

Riding on the Runway


Who loves Ritter Sport?

Brent then went to work for a few days and we biked around the city and saw the attractions.  We were surprised how modern Berlin is.  Lots of glass and steel buildings.  Very different from the timber frame and stone found in Munich or Munster.  I think our favorite was the Berlin Cathedral simply because you could climb up to the top of the dome and get a beautiful view of the city.  Tuesday night was gathered at a nice bar and met a bunch of Brent’s german pals.  They were very nice folks and (thankfully) great english speakers.

Hanging at the Reichstag

Berlin View from the Dom

On wednesday Cheri and I traveled to Leipzig for a quick visit to where she spent a semester studying in 2000.  The university and the city have been built up quite a bit in the last decade and Cheri hardly recognized it.  We enjoyed some good food and saw a few sites in the city, then departed for Schmilka the next morning.

I’m sure most readers have never heard of Schmilka before.  It is a tiny town inside Saxon-Switzerland German National Park which borders the Czech Republic and is a popular getaway for Germans and has lots of good hiking and rock climbing.  We spent a day hiking in the hills high above the river and the next day hiked to a large castle which was encompassed the entire top of a large mountain.  Then we took the ferry across the river to hike up to some impressive stone bridges.  Lots of hiking!

Last Chance for Beer Before Wilderness

Group Shot at the Top

Castle on the Hill

Looking Out from the Castle

After that it was back to Berlin by way of Dresden and our flight home the next morning.  Brent was a great host and we had a ton of fun!  Hopefully by the next time we visit he’ll have some wall hangings…

Good Light Reflecting from a Window


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  1. Larissa says:

    I LOVE Ritter Sport! Best milk chocolate there is.

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