Our Anniversary and then… pumpkin picking

Posted by Cheri.

Jared and I enjoyed our first anniversary weekend at a wedding at the same venue, with the same caterer, and a lot of the same borrowed wedding supplies.  It was a great way to celebrate our first year together.  On Monday (our actual anniversary) we exchanged gifts and then went out to dinner at Steak and Main in Northeast.  I had the glazed filet mignon medallions with wasabi smashed potatoes and braised bok choy.  Jared had filet mignon medallions topped with crab, on a bed of sauteed spinach and mushrooms finished with mozzarella.  Amazing!  After arriving home, we broke into the giant cupcake we’d been saving from the big day.  It was delicious!  No pictures to share that weekend/event, but we do have pictures from this weekend of pumpkin picking!

So many pumpkins!

That’s a nice looking pumpkin. And a new sweater thanks to Christy!! Sometimes it pays to have normal size friends who shrink their wool sweaters making them perfectly Cheri-sized. 🙂

A pumpkin picking adventure is not complete without a hay ride!


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