Happy Birthday Cheri!

My lovely wife rolled over another digit on the odometer today 😉

In celebration, we had a fun dinner last night with our friends Kari, Bill, Paul, Christy & Brooke.

For her gift I made a frame for the photo of us cross cutting a log at our wedding reception.  The activity warranted a “rustic” feel, so I fought my usual desire to make the wood surface glassy smooth and just left it with a jack planed surface.  A jack plane has a curved blade set rank to take a thick shaving.  It’s the tool you use when you want to take a 1″ thick board down to 3/4″ in no time.  Unseen surfaces of a lot of antique furniture show this texture.

She is very pleased and wanted me to post a few pics.  Happy Birthday!!!

Hanging over the bed we made.

Hanging over the bed we made.

Jack planed surface.

Jack planed surface.


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Jared likes to: Play Mandolin, Build Stuff, Take Pictures, Ride Bikes
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One Response to Happy Birthday Cheri!

  1. Jason & Beth Newell says:

    Happy Birthday Cheri!
    Love from both Beth and I, and congratulations again on your tiny bundle on the way!

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