Crib Complete, 36 Weeks

I wasn’t so diligent in my picture taking during the home stretch, but the crib is done and moved into the nursery.  This weekend we hung some decorations and configured the furniture as best we could in the 8×8 ft room.  It’s tight, but everything fits and I think it makes for a nice and cozy post-womb experience.

We last left off with the front and back of the crib complete and the next tasks to build the sides, apply finish, make and adjustable-height mattress platform, and figure out how to bolt it all together.  The sides are constructed much the same as the front and back —  curly maple slats which are held in grooves in the cherry frame.  Here’s a picture of plowing the groves to hold the slats:

Plowing Grooves

Plowing Grooves

After assembly I needed to trim the sides down to provide a snug fit for the mattress.

Trimming the Sides

Trimming the Sides

Then finish is applied to the whole thing.  The maple has a base coat of boiled linseed oil to bring out the grain, then several coats of bleached shellac gives it a thin finish with a little sheen.  The cherry parts are finished only with garnet shellac to enhance the contrast between the two woods. All this is about as non-toxic as it gets so the munchkin can chew away on it to it’s hearts content.

Many Coats of Finish

Many Coats of Finish

The whole thing is assembled so that the sides can come off and be replaced with full size bed rails, converting it into a double bed.  That way all this hard work doesn’t have to go into attic storage once baby out grows the crib.

All Done!

All Done!

Sweet decorations from the crafty hands of Kari and Emily.  Thanks Ladies!

Sweet decorations from the crafty hands of Kari and Emily. Thanks Ladies!

Tuesday marks 36 weeks for Cheri and she is getting along great.  Still riding her bike and hiking the trails.  Most of her wardrobe is packed away for safe keeping…

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

– Jared


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6 Responses to Crib Complete, 36 Weeks

  1. Laris says:

    Gorgeous crib, Jared. And excellent idea to lengthen its purpose and life. Ewan has crib envy. “IKEA, eye-schmea”, he said. He wants new parents. Hope you’re stockpiling that sleep!

  2. grandma stader says:

    Oh my….I didn’t think it was possible but you have grown since last weekend. I think this child is going to be as big as you Cheri! The nursery looks beautiful. The crib is amazing and just one more special heirloom to pass to future generations. The owl mobile and the flag pennants look so nice too! Ok child we are almost ready for you!

  3. Uncle Rand says:

    Wow Jared you’re very talented that’s a beautiful crib, Cheri you look amazing!
    Now it’s just a waiting game.
    Uncle Rand

  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful Crib! You look awesome Cheri! Keep up that baby growing! Just a little bit longer and you all are going to get to hold your precious baby in your arms!

  5. sherry withers says:

    Wow, that is one nice baby bed! Jared, I can just see you wandering in the lumber mill trying to decide on the wood you wanted. It won’t be long now till it’s occupied. Cheri looks great and I’m sure must be counting the days. Love the mobile and flags too.

  6. Krista Lusby says:

    The crib looks awesome! Cheri – you look amazing! Jared – where are your safety glasses?!

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