Family Cradle


This cradle was was built by John E. Benzing, a woodturner by trade, in 1877 for his employer at Ough’s Furniture Store in Albion, NY.  When John and his wife Frederika had their first son, John Jr., Mr. Ough gave the cradle back to the Benzings.  Since then it has lulled each new baby in the family to sleep for six generations.  I slept in it, my mother slept in it, my grandmother, my great grandmother, and her uncle John Jr.

Now Elliott gets her turn.  Pretty cool.



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2 Responses to Family Cradle

  1. Lester Newell says:

    We are so proud that our great-grandaughter, Elli, is the first of the 7th generation to sleep in the Benzing cradle. Grandma & Grandpa Newell

  2. There is nothing better than having a sense of family and history � Elliot is indeed a very fortunate child! Arlene

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