Dress up

Posted by Cheri

Sherry brought home a few outfits from France and yesterday we played a little game of dress up.  Elliott is also wearing a hat that was Jared’s as a baby. What a ham!Image

On a much more sobering note, this latest shooting hit way too close to home.  Jared’s office at the Navy Yard was never in any real danger, but that wasn’t clear at first.  He received several one line emails informing him of an active shooter in the Navy Yard and that his building was on lock down.  Luckily he was safe and sound working from home.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the others that weren’t so lucky.




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Jared likes to: Play Mandolin, Build Stuff, Take Pictures, Ride Bikes
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3 Responses to Dress up

  1. Grandma S says:

    Adorable! What a huge smile! Nine days until I get to cuddle her again. Not that I’m counting……..

  2. fwlr_pn@yahoo.com says:

    Awww..She looks absolutely darling in her outfit with her daddy s hat on of course..Was so relieved to hear that he was safe at home and not in any real danger of the shooting. although my prayers go out to the family that had to endure the moments they waited while such an terrible mishap was taking place. On a softer note, Miss you guys and Big Hugs to the three of you..

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