Nikon Brain Meets Canon Camera

We bought a Canon DSLR last month mostly because we wanted to make videos of our daughter’s antics. I have shot Nikon since college but Nikon doesn’t offer a camera that will autofocus while shooting video. So now the question is: Can this Nikonian learn to love a Canon?

In a lot of respects it’s not easy. It seems a lot of differences are in place not for functional reasons but just to differentiate brands. The lenses zoom in opposite directions and likewise twist in different directions to mount the lens to the camera body. The power switches are on different sides of the camera, with the Canon requiring a second hand to operate. All the buttons and menus are, of course, completely different.

Over the last month I’ve left the Nikon on the shelf and immersed myself in the Canon. I still sometimes get brain freeze while adjusting the camera for a shot but I’m starting to get over most of the differences. I’ve really come to like the articulating touch screen and the “Q” menu for quickly changing settings that would normally require a menu dive. It’s also cool that I can snap photos on my walk to the office, pull the files straight off the camera to my ipad via wifi, tweak them in the photoshop app and post to the blog on the train ride home.

There may be some white lenses in my future (and possibly some black spray paint).



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1 Response to Nikon Brain Meets Canon Camera

  1. Janae says:

    Looks like you got the hang of it! You = amazingly talented!

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