Skating and Sawmilling

Feels like winter is long gone here in Maryland.  Famous last words, I know, but we’ve really been enjoying the weather lately.  Since my last writing, Elliott has earned her Snowplow Sam ice skating diploma and seemed to really enjoy it.  Rory continues to grow and is mostly an awesomely chill baby.  I think she knows she hasn’t a prayer of being high maintenance with her older sister around, so she doesn’t even try.

Otherwise we’ve been working to manage daycare-borne illnesses and attending frequent kid birthday parties.  A friend of mine was having a big oak tree taken down that had been allowed to grow too close to his house.  The enterprising woodworker in me said “You should have them leave the trunk and we can mill it into lumber.”  The next week he sent me a photo of a rather enormous pile of logs in his front yard.  So I spent most of my February free time building a saw mill from wood, an extension ladder, a lawnmower engine, and parts borrowed from my shop bandsaw.  I was off the reservation on this one as the internet tells me this really shouldn’t be done without a welder and structural steel.  Last weekend we successfully milled 2 logs, so I guess it was just crazy enough to work.  There are still about 10 more logs to go, so we’ll see about it’s durability.

Elli is signed up for swim lessons this month and Grandma Rosemary is visiting for Easter.  My parents are closing on the sale of their new home in Pennsylvania next week, so there are some exciting times (and wall painting) ahead.

The Only Snowman of 2016-17

The Only Snowman of 2016-17

Rory - Five Months Old

Rory – Five Months Old


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    Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Love, Aunt Linda💟

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