Turks and Caicos

If Congress says you can’t come to work you might as well go to the beach, right?

Actually, we planned this trip back in the fall and are fortunate the timing of the government shutdown didn’t cause us any problems.  We flew from Baltimore to Providenciales Island on the 23rd of January, rented a little right-hand-drive car, and met our friends from Ann Arbor, Michigan at a house overlooking the ocean.  We were 5 kids and 4 adults and occupied our 5-day stay with beach time, pool time, snorkeling, and a boat trip.

Daily temperatures were 80 degrees and the water was warm enough for even Cheri to swim.  The beaches were very calm and the kids all played in the water with float toys without fear of being pummeled by waves.  We spent several mornings at Grace Bay beach, drove to Sapodilla beach for a sunset, snorkeled at Smith’s Reef, and swam in the pool at the house in between excursions.  The highlight for me was a boat trip out along Pine Cay to see Iguana Island, offshore reef snorkeling, landing on an offshore sandbar, and visiting a shipwreck.

Highly recommended for a January getaway!

Found a Conch Shell

Sand Castle Building

The View from Our House

Looking for Sea Turtles

Visiting an Offshore Sandbar

Chasing Iguanas

Boat Ride

Fulter and Julia Lost at Sea

Pool Time


Sunset from Sapodilla Beach


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1 Response to Turks and Caicos

  1. Kelly says:

    Looks like a really nice trip! Glad you were able to enjoy the shut down. Thanks for sharing all the great photos!

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