America’s Birthday and Elliott’s Birthday

We are thoroughly oppressed by this heat wave, so here comes a blog post…

The week before America’s birthday we hosted our friends from Seattle.  We had lots of local friends over for a nice dinner party.  It was cool to see kids crawling all over the treehouse!

On July 4th we participated in a neighborhood bike parade and then games and fireworks. The girls decorated their bikes, Elliott entered a watermelon eating competition and we had a nice time.

Elliott finished up her 6-week season of the Emmorton Barracudas Swim Team.  When she started she could hardly doggy paddle across the shallow end.  By the 3rd week she was swimming 25m freestyle and backstroke at the meets.  She did great!

The last week has been an extended celebration of Elliott’s sixth birthday.  We presented her with a new bike on the day, then drove to Grandma & Grandpa Withers’s house for cake and fun.  Elli then stayed with them for 4 days and went camping and swimming at a nearby lake.  She returned home Thursday and we had a gaggle of her friends over for a party yesterday.

Now Rory can’t wait for her birthday to come in September!

Backyard Party


July 4th Popsicles

Neighborhood Bike Parade 2019

I wasn’t sure if her loose tooth was up for a watermelon eating competition…

Sparklers Before Dark

Fourth of July Friends

Belly Flop off the Start Block

Grandma and Rory

Chocolate Cake at Grandma’s House

Went overboard wiggling her loose tooth…

Nicole and Elli, old friends

Cupcake Decoration Station

Goofy Kids

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