Mid Ohio Track Day

Lovely wife hit it out of the park when she organized and gifted me a surprise weekend trip to Ohio to meet up with my high school buddies and spend a weekend driving around in circles as fast as possible!

The track was Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, where I had spectated several races back in my school days and always wished I could get to experience driving first hand.  The Porsche Club of America organizes events where you can spend a weekend driving a track and they even provide an experienced instructor to ride with you.  No ‘racing’ is allowed but you are encouraged to drive as fast as you can, learn the racing lines, and go as far beyond your comfort level as you dare.

We drove 8x 25 minute sessions over two days, which is plenty of time to get comfortable and work on technique.  Super fun!  Also the only way to experience the true capabilities of a sports car without going to jail.

It was a great treat to get to spend the weekend with Joel and Colin, who I do not see often enough, and I also got to meet up with old friends Katie, Erin and Bob.  To top it all off my Uncle Steve and Cousin Ryan came for a day and took some really great photos of us on track.

Thanks to Cheri for making it happen, and to Colin and Joel for putting their shiny cars at risk at my request.

You can tell I’m smiling even with a helmet on!

Colin looking blurry

Joel making his spoiler pop up

Uncle Steve and his Bullitt Mustang


Here’s a clip of one lap where I’m trying to chase Colin down but not making much progress:

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