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Little Projects

Between big projects (child rearing and building a deck) we have recently completed a few small projects, which feels gratifying.  Cheri made a stylish new pair of pants for Elliott from a Made by Rae pattern.  She got to try … Continue reading

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Cheri’s Sewing Machine

This year I bought Cheri a sewing machine for Christmas.  I know it’s not the most romantic gift but she had been cursing her garage sale ‘Tiny Taylor’ for years, and rightfully so — running it sounded like a kids … Continue reading

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Nikon Brain Meets Canon Camera

We bought a Canon DSLR last month mostly because we wanted to make videos of our daughter’s antics. I have shot Nikon since college but Nikon doesn’t offer a camera that will autofocus while shooting video. So now the question … Continue reading

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Back Home

The three of us are back home now and figuring out our roles.  Elliott has her part pretty well sorted, but Cheri and I are making adjustments!  It’s nice to be back in a house and rid of the hospital … Continue reading

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Cheri and I are proud to introduce Elliott Grace Withers. Born at 8:05 this morning, she weighs 7lbs 3oz and boasts blue eyes and a full head of red hair! We are so full of joy!

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Crib Complete, 36 Weeks

I wasn’t so diligent in my picture taking during the home stretch, but the crib is done and moved into the nursery.  This weekend we hung some decorations and configured the furniture as best we could in the 8×8 ft … Continue reading

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Making a Crib #2

Now that all the pieces are planed to thickness and cut to width, it’s time to execute the joinery.  Structural failures in furniture almost always occur at the joints, so select a joint to suit the types of forces a … Continue reading

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