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We’ve had no problems staying busy this spring and summer. The kitchen renovation has been in high gear and is nearly done. Elliott is being evicted from the nursery to make way for the new arrival and moving into her … Continue reading

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Little Projects

Between big projects (child rearing and building a deck) we have recently completed a few small projects, which feels gratifying.  Cheri made a stylish new pair of pants for Elliott from a Made by Rae pattern.  She got to try … Continue reading

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Family Cradle

This cradle was was built by John E. Benzing, a woodturner by trade, in 1877 for his employer at Ough’s Furniture Store in Albion, NY.  When John and his wife Frederika had their first son, John Jr., Mr. Ough gave … Continue reading

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MD Shower and Nursery Update

Posted by Cheri Maryland Shower A few weekends ago my mom flew out from Ohio and my cousin drove in from Jersey to join our Maryland friends and celebrate this whole baby making thing.  The three gracious hosts Kari, Emily, … Continue reading

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Crib Complete, 36 Weeks

I wasn’t so diligent in my picture taking during the home stretch, but the crib is done and moved into the nursery.  This weekend we hung some decorations and configured the furniture as best we could in the 8×8 ft … Continue reading

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Making a Crib #2

Now that all the pieces are planed to thickness and cut to width, it’s time to execute the joinery.  Structural failures in furniture almost always occur at the joints, so select a joint to suit the types of forces a … Continue reading

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Making a Crib

Usually when I start a project I have intentions of documenting the progress on the blog as sort of a “how to” series.  The first day of work is always well photographed, followed by several work days of forgetting to … Continue reading

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Nursery Progress

Posted by Cheri Circa 2008, the room behind our bedroom was my closet.  I was a pretty terrible photographer pre-Jared.  Exhibit A: In the years that followed we rewired all of the outlets, painted it green to match the freshly … Continue reading

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Homemade Cabinetry

Just when you thought this blog had been taken over by the woman-folk, let me swoop in and post something manly. This weekend I completed a large cabinet to be our kitchen pantry.  Made entirely from 3/4″ sugar maple using hand … Continue reading

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Refinishing Our Floors

Posted by Cheri After we finished the floors in the kitchen, we knew finishing the floors in the rest of the house was not far off.  We decided to take advantage of the rare five day vacation (over the 4th … Continue reading

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