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We’ve had no problems staying busy this spring and summer. The kitchen renovation has been in high gear and is nearly done. Elliott is being evicted from the nursery to make way for the new arrival and moving into her … Continue reading

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Homemade Cabinetry

Just when you thought this blog had been taken over by the woman-folk, let me swoop in and post something manly. This weekend I completed a large cabinet to be our kitchen pantry.  Made entirely from 3/4″ sugar maple using hand … Continue reading

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Refinishing Our Floors

Posted by Cheri After we finished the floors in the kitchen, we knew finishing the floors in the rest of the house was not far off.  We decided to take advantage of the rare five day vacation (over the 4th … Continue reading

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Looks Like A Kitchen

Thought I’d take a break to post a quick pic. Things are moving along. All the basic elements for food prep are now installed, so we don’t have to cook our pancakes on the Coleman stove on the dining room … Continue reading

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Drywall is done, walls are painted, reclaimed oak flooring is installed and refinished and it’s starting to look like a room in there now.  Nothing big to do this weekend which is good because we’re both sick.  The cabinets will … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Was Once Here

Operation: Shiny New Kitchen has commenced.  Last week we had three strong friends over to help explode the place.  Everything down to the studs came out in fine fashion (thanks Kari, Bill, and Greg!).  Then we ate pizza, which I’m … Continue reading

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