The Graduate and Fathers Day 2018

Elliott graduated from preschool last week to an exceptional amount of fanfare.  Cap and gown, diploma, sign in the front yard…the whole works.  Such a big deal was made that it started to freak her out.  I think she thought she was about to be tossed out into the labor pool.  It all ended up well and she enjoyed the visit from her grandparents and her walk across the stage.

We seized the nice weather for a little photo shoot with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend and for Father’s Day we went on a family bike ride and took Elli to the swimming pool.

Elli Preschool Graduation 2018

Cute Hat Rory

Sisterly Love

Grandma and Grandpa and Girls

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Elli On Two Wheels

Today she decided she was too big for training wheels. So proud! 🚲

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Memorial Day Jumpstart

Let’s attempt to get this blog running again, shall we?  Cue the montage.

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope everyone is well.  We have not been off the grid all year, but life sure is wizzing by.  Cheri started a new job not long ago, which is keeping her quite busy.  In April we leveraged business travel, airline points, and grandparents to escape to Whistler B.C. for two days of kidless skiing.  Treehouse construction is back under way.  A kidney stone came and went.  Last week, Brent and his buddy Alvero came to visit.

We have plans to travel to Vermont and Olympic National Park this summer, and Elliott will start kindergarten in September.

Big Girl Clothes

Longwood Gardens Fountains

Late Winter Bike Ride

Easter Egg Diva

Easter 2018

Amazing Ski Trip

First Time Camp Out

Roofing Contractor

Ready for a Night Out on the Town

Waterfall Hike

European Visitor

Strawberry Picking


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Christmas 2017

We were happy to travel to Ohio this holiday season and spend Christmas Eve and Day with Grandma Rosemary, Grandpa Greg, family and friends.  Elliott and Rory enjoyed the traditional making of sugar cookies and playing in Grandma’s basement funhouse which included a bouncy castle, ball pit, and model train set.  Elli and cousin Brayden turned out to be good buddies and got along very well. The kids are appreciative of all the gifts received from Santa and family.  Tuesday we flew back home to Maryland and were joined by Grandma and Grandpa Withers for more gifts and fun times.

Overall another great Christmas in the books and we’ll be back to our normal school/work schedule after the new year.  Thank you all for the hospitality and thoughtful gifts!

Awe-struck by Christmas

Thanks for the gingerbread train kit Aunt Linda and Uncle Ron!

Christmas cookie making

Sprinkle Overload

Gift Smasher

Convincing Lion Mask

Nose Smoosher

Siblings and Cousins

Columbus Family

Matching PJ’s from Grandma

Elli got a sleeping bag. Now she’s ready for camping next year.

Rory loves her new baby doll

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Ariel and Flounder!

Ariel and Flounder


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Baby Steps

Here is a video of Rory’s latest trick.  She’s showing herself to be a cautious one.

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Rory – 1 Year Old

Elliott – 1 Year Old

Bonus points if you noticed Cheri has been wearing the same pair of Keens almost daily for more than 4 years.  I can’t get a pair of shoes to last more than 6 months.

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